News Desk: Does Love Forgive? Special One-to-One Release From Chaosium

How do you know it’s GENCON week? Publishers start releasing new products and press releases. Despite GENCON being exclusively online this year, amazing things are happening. Chaosium just announced that they have released Does Love Forgive? A two scenario booklet for one payer and one Keeper, suitable for Keepers of all experience levels. It is currently available in PDF and will be released in print later this year. You can purchase the PDF directly from Chaosium* or DriveThruRPG.

* purchase the PDF directly from Chaosium, and you receive the full cost of the PDF off the printed version, which will be out later this year.


Advice on running one-to-one scenarios
Using Luck

Love You to Death

Chicago: February 15th, 1929. It’s a cold winter’s day when the investigator’s good friend Hattie May appears in their office at the detective agency. Her beloved pet dog, Highball, is currently scheduled to be destroyed later today and she needs the investigator’s help getting him back from the Chicago PD. It doesn’t sound like too difficult task, does it—so how hard could it be?

Mask of Desire

New York: September, 1932. The investigator, together with their two close friends Anna Konrad and Lucas Reston, has been invited to a party at wealthy—and notorious—socialite Madame de Tisson’s swanky apartment on the Upper West Side. But both Anna and Lucas are distracted by Anna’s audition tomorrow for Nancy Turner, the famous jazz orchestra conductor. What is the link between that and the mysterious parcel that arrives the next day at the investigator’s apartment? And why do so many people seem to be interested in the contents of
that box?

~ Modoc

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