For Your Listening Pleasure: From Dramatic to Surreal

Welcome and step right in. This is the fourth article in my “For Your Listening Pleasure” series that highlights and showcases some of my favorite podcasts and radio dramas. Admittedly, I lean a little heavily toward radio dramas, but I hope you won’t hold that against me. So, sit back, stay a while, and maybe you’ll find something new for your listening pleasure.

In this installment, I would like to bring to your attention one podcast that has really captured my attention as of late. This is an RPG actual play podcast that borders on the edge of being classified as a radio drama.

GONE – A Nibiru TTRPG Actual Play (by Tablestory) – This episodic and surreal thriller actual play podcast has captured my undivided attention for many hours! Each episode spans approximately 2.5–3 hours of gameplay, but… the time just seems to slip by when I am listening. The listening experience is so immersive. In GONE, the roleplaying game used is Nibiru written and published by Federico Sohn. Nibiru is a science fiction game of lost memories that is more focused on the story and less on the underlying rules. I can’t say too much about the story for fear of giving away to many spoilers, but suffice it to say, the story they are telling will blow your mind. There have been times while listening, I’ve had to stop, back up, and re-listen because there are lots of plotlines, nuanced dialogue, and secrets all happening simultaneously.

The game’s moderator, PumpkinBerry, is a fantastic storyteller. She does a beautiful job of setting the mood and tone through the use of music and sounds effects. There is a core cast, but there are also a number of rotating cast members that pop in and out of episodes as the story dictates. The cast works wonderfully together. They all play and riff off each other, all the while staying in character; only leaving character when required as roleplaying games do sometimes demand. All of which makes the listening experience immensely immersive.

Initially, episodes are played live on Twitch and published to YouTube. The audio is extracted and dispursed to a number of podcast hosts for our listening pleasure. I prefer my GONE in the form of a podcast.

We’ve linked GONE in our collection of curated Podcasts We Love, and encourage you to have a look and see what the team is listening to.

~ Modoc

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