For Your Listening Pleasure — For the Love of Funky Dice

Its been a while since I’ve reported on the many podcasts in my queue. Today I’d like to present to you three podcasts to aid you in your games that use funky dice. Two of the podcasts are focused on specific games, while the third is inspirational. The are Spellburn, Sanctum Secorum, and Glowburn Podcasts.

Spellburn is a podcast covering Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (DCC). First airing in 2013 the Judges “J”, all the host’s name began with the letter J, Judge Jobe, Judge Jim, and Judge Jeffery get the band together to form Spellburn not long after the game’s release. Spellburn episodes featured an in-depth look at the game, offering advice, insight, and rules clarification to aid other Judges in their games. The original judges three would soon disband but not before new Judges J would step in, Judge Jen, Judge Julian, Judge Jarrett, and Judge Jeff. The new judges continue to provide insightful commentary, reviews, and interviews with writers of DCC material with the same level of professionalism and quality as before. As a bonus, the Judges J host on their website a section entitled Dungeon Denizens, which holds original monsters and fan artwork created by listeners and special guests, ready for use. Spellburn is not only a great listen but a fantastic resource for your DCC game.

Sanctum Secorum, founded in 2015, is a podcast covering Appendix N media. Sometimes it’s a work of literature; other times, it’s a film. Host Jen Brinkman, Bob Brinkman, Marc Bruner, and former host David Baity analyze each bit of Appendix N media, relating it to an already published adventure or setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (DCC). Along the way, pulling out elements for others to use in their games. Some of their ideas get published in their Dark Acquisitions, an episode companion found at their site, and DrivethruRPG under the publishing name Sanctum Media. The material produced is free to download and use in your own game. Within, one may find character backgrounds, additional character classes, magical items, creatures, weapons, and adventures. It’s a great resource for judges of DCC.

Wandering the wasteland of the apocalypse is the Glowburn Postcast, a podcast covering Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (MCC) and post-apocalyptics settings. Crawling out of the safety of their bunkers in 2016, Judge Forrest, Judge James, Judge Marc, and former host Judge Bill aid and inspire gamemasters with their own take on post-apocalyptic settings. The show began a full year before MCC RPG was officially released, but that didn’t stop the hosts. In the interim, they discussed other adjacent post-apocalyptics settings like Crawling Under A Broken Moon, an alternative setting for DCC RPG. Once MCC became widely available, they added it to the discussion, covering the various aspects of it and its setting. As with the other two podcasts mentioned above, Glowburn has its own section of free material to use. The section is known as the Mutagenesis. Inside you’ll find monsters, artifacts, and the like to use in your own game.

I urge players and gamemaster of DCC and MCC to listen to these three podcasts, visit their sites, and make use of their creations. Each of these podcasts is a labor of love, and all the work done to produce them is voluntary. If you like what you hear, please leave them a positive review or reach out to them on social media. Show them your support, and they will continue to make more.

~Stephen Pennisi

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