Rolling Boxcar’s Best of 2020

This year has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride with the global pandemic. Even with employment and economic impacts here in the US, it’s been an amazing year for us here at Rolling Boxcars. So much has happened this year. We welcomed contributor Dingo, re-affirmed our “influencer” relationship with Chaosium, began working with new industry partners, witnessed an explosion of virtual gaming, and surpassed our 2019 “view” total. Once again, we published more content than in years past. As a tribute to all our contributors’ hard work, we look back at the year’s most viewed articles.

A Dark Little Secret – A Review of The Shadow Over Providence — A look at what makes Shadow of Providence tick. It’s a fast-playing, easily approachable scenario with a balance between investigation and action; it’s nuanced and enjoyable.

The Tube Screamer Dungeon Series took on a life of its own this year. Building on the success of Part One: Proof of Concept published in late 2019, it has continued to map out, in its remaining nine parts, how to take the Ibanez Tube Screamer’s electrical schematic and turn it into a dungeon. This is a “must-read” series!

[Call of Cthulhu] Muskets and Mythos in We Are All Savages — In British colonial New York, a patrol of British soldiers search for a band of marauding French trappers in this Call of Cthulhu scenario. Things are wrong, horribly wrong.

Up The Irons [Ironsworn RPG] — A well-articulated review of a popular free solo roleplaying game that has been all the rage for the last two years. Perfect for quarantining. Not familiar with it? Read our review and see if this style of solo gaming is right for you.

Dingo’s Deep Cuts has peeled back the layers of several Call of Cthulhu scenarios this year, dissecting and taking a critical look to give readers an extensive look at each. He explores the good, the bad, and provides tips on how he’d improve it. His deep dive into “The Unsealed Room,” published in Secrets, was one of the most read reviews in this series.

Take the A Train – Harlem Unbound 2nd Edition Review — An honest and insightful look at this richly detailed and amazing Call of Cthulhu supplement. Dan’s summation is brilliant, “While Harlem Unbound is a great read, like Cthulhu Dark Ages, it is a book that wants to be played.” Read his review to see why.

Online Gaming Conventions Resource — Looking to be part of an online convention but need help in locating one?  We’ve got you covered. What began as an article to aid roleplayers in finding online gaming conventions to attend due to COVID has turned into a permanent resource for Rolling Boxcars Readers.

The Mighty Few – A Review of Mausritter — Do you like mice? Do you like heroic mice? Well then, this is a game you might want to look into. Our review looks at themes, mechanics, and how they complement each other.

Mörk Borg – A Döôm Metal Review — Mörk Borg took 2020 by storm! The entire team has been playing or running it. Read what sets this Ennie winning RPG apart from other games in the OSR genre.

If You Go Chasing Rabbits — A Review of Girl Underground — A surprisingly fun and quirky game that seeks to break boundaries and stereotypes by redefining the role of girls, women, and gender in both a fictional and real-world setting.

A Look at The Hero’s Journey 2nd Edition — 2020’s most-read article! Read an overview of what the game is chapter by chapter.

The last thing we’d like to do is give a shout-out to all of our amazing patrons who have supported our work, joined us online for games, or chats throughout the year! You folks are amazing, and thank you!

From all of us at Rolling Boxcars, thank you for an amazing year!

~ The RB Team

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