A Look at Adventurers of Fantasy Brazil Token Set [Elephant & Macaw Banner]

Adventurers of Fantasy Brazil Token Set

(Elephant & Macaw Banner)

Author: Christopher Kastensmidt
Artists: Marcela Medeiros, Cássio Yoshiyaki, et al.
Publisher: Porcupine Publishing
Available Formats: PDF
PDF (DTRPG) – $4.99

Previously, we reviewed The Elephant and Macaw Banner roleplaying game—History Meets Fantasy – A Review of The Elephant and Macaw Banner. Our summary of the game’s premise is worth quoting.

The setting of The Elephant and Macaw Banner is one steeped in rich history. In the sixteenth century, Brazil is a cultural melting pot where many ethnicities and cultures meet at a crossroads and somehow co-existed despite the European colonization and exploitation and the importation of African as enslaved peoples. It’s on these historical truths that The Elephant and Macaw Banner is built. Still, the game’s setting does not focus on the negative aspects of colonization but rather plays up the people and cultures’ strengths, placing them in a slightly altered Brazil to be more fantastical than rigorously historic.

Adventurers of Fantasy Brazil Token Set is a virtual tabletop accessory for The Elephant and Macaw Banner (EAMB) game that allows for expanded use while playing online and physically at the table. We all struggle to find appropriate art and token assets for our online games; to combat this problem EAMB publisher, Porcupine Publishing commissioned this set of 33 full-body flats, 

These 33 images represent one of the character types or NPCs a game of EAMB is likely to feature. Measuring 560×560 pixels (1″ square), each is a high quality, full-color image. When tested, they scaled well in both Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds. The artwork like that of the EAMB core book is masterfully done by Brazilian artists. 

Although designed with virtual tabletops in mind, crafty Gamemasters should have no problem utilizing them just as easily at a physical table. They could be printed and mounted to foam core to create traditional tokens, or given the image quality, resized to “standee” dimensions and again, printed and mounted.

Whether you are running The Elephant and Macaw Banner or some other roleplaying game set in a similar time period within the confines of Brazil, Adventurers of Fantasy Brazil Token Set is worth taking a look at. The beautiful artwork provides a diverse set of images specifically designed for EAMB, helping to facilitate online gaming. 

~ Modoc

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