News Desk: TroikaFest! is Coming!


Rolling Boxcars received a most interesting press release, something to do with roleplaying game Troika! Keep reading…

What Is TroikaFest!

TroikaFest! is an open invitation to the TTRPG community to play in, create for, and explore the Troika system during the month of April. TroikaFest is open to everyone, but is focused on first time players and small creators who want to try Troika for the first time. Troika fest is hosted by Melsonian Art Council and Plus One Exp in collaboration with a number of other designers, content creators, and players. It includes a 4 week game jam, a week of actual plays & online content from Plus One Exp and others, along with releases from Melsonian Arts Council, Aaron King, and other great Troika Designers.

TroikaFest! is not an online convention and you do not need to register. All you need to do to participate is play, design, or explore the Troika system during TroikaFest! and then share your experiences online using #TroikaFest!

You can check out Tony from Plus One Exp’s TroikaFest! Invitation Video here.

TroikaFest! Features

    • TroikaFest! April 5th-11th A week of open, online play organized by Plus One Exp, Melsonian, and hosted on the Quackalope Discord.
    • Actual Plays, Interviews, and Art Streams Content creators are invited to create or stream content as part of TroikaFest on their own channels using the TroikaFest! graphics and logo. Plus One Exp will be hosting daily streams and events the week of the fest.
    • TroikaFest Itch Jam April 1st-29th An invitation to create Third Party Troika content hosted on
    • Giveaways From Melsonian, Plus One Exp, and more. 
  • New Products! Melsonian is launching Academies of the Arcane on Kickstarter, Aaron King is releasing a Third Party Troika Pog set and zine, and dozens of other creators are releasing small digital or physical projects.

TroikaFest! Tales from the Spheres Share a picture, short story, write up, art, our audio piece about your experience playing Troika during TroikaFest and share it online. 

TroikaFest! Links
TroikaFest “Mainstage”
Learn More About Troika
Buy a digital copy of Troika
Create something for Troika
Talk about TroikaFest! & Troika
Invitation Video

TroikaFest! Launch Links
Academies of the Arcane Kickstarter
Aaron King’s Troika Pogs

Organizer Links
Melsonian Arts Council |
Contact Jared Sinclair for comment
Plus One Exp |
Contact Tony Vasinda for comment

Well, there you have it! Lots of information, but definitely check out Tony’s video.

~ Modoc

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