News Desk: ‘Partners’ by Tin Star Games on Kickstarter


Our friends at Tin Star Games have recently launched a two-week Kickstarter campaign for their newest tabletop roleplaying game, Partners. Partners is a detective game storytelling game for exactly two players.

Partners is a storytelling game for exactly two players. It emulates the genre of police procedural and mystery solving television. This popular form appears almost every night on our television sets and streaming services and has done for the last seventy years. These days, it is common for the detective heroes to include some unexpected pairing or strange element as the central hook, whether that’s someone with a mental disorder, crime solving dogs or demons from hell (things mainstream media would like us to treat as all equally hilarious.)

The game design emulates the solving of murder mysteries and the two-person dynamic so often at the core of these dramas. One player assumes the “straight shooter,” a no-nonsense, serious person; the other player assumes the role of the “wild card,” a strange and unpredictable person who eschews normal rules and common fashion.

As of this article, the campaign has already met its funding goal and is on its way to hitting its first stretch goal. If this is your cup of tea, have a look.

~ Modoc

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