A Review of The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum [MÖRK BORG]

The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum, a Third-Party Mörk Borg Book

Author: Philip Reed
Publisher: Philip Reed Games
Page Count: 12
Available Formats: PDF
PDF (DTRPG) – Free

MÖRK BORG is the self-proclaimed “pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG about lost souls and fools seeking redemption, forgiveness or the last remaining riches in a bleak and dying world.” Philip Reed, the author of several MÖRK BORG supplements in recent months, has complete yet another one, The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum.

Much of MÖRK BORG’s charm is in its duality. Many of its central pillars, such as the two-headed basilisk or powers being either unclean or sacred; it’s the latter with this supplement. The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum features a second, bonus PDF, The Scared Teaching of Titus the Unliving Magus. Each supplement is a chart, one with unclean powers and the other sacred powers. Gamemasters wishing to incorporate these powers into their game—for or against the players—can cherry-pick the list.

The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum

Before her death, the foul wizard Zoya Baum dedicated her life to uncovering the secrets of the ancient necromancers. The unclean Leporello is a collection of twenty unclean powers. Each is skillfully crafted and worded, coming in at seven pages in length. Reading through them, one gets the sense of chaos each will cause, whether on the battlefield, a dank dungeon, or when the pathetic soul stands trial for some misdeed.

The Scared Teaching of Titus the Unliving Magus

Many have sought out the lost book of Rihova for decades in the hope its sacred words might be able to counter the coming apocalypse. Although the book is still missing, Sister Rihova, one of the unliving Magus’ most loyal students, dedicated her final years to the teachings of Titus. This supplement contains the fourteen sacred powers she could authenticate as original creations of the unliving Magus. As with the other supplement, each is skillfully craft and worded, coming in at five pages in length.

Final Thoughts

Both PDFs are beautifully presented in full color, with all the grandeur one might expect in MÖRK BORG and Philip Reed products, save for the lack of the typical garish hot pink. Readers should note these will use a lot of ink if printed. From past personal experience with similar full-colored documents, I recommend using a laser printer as inkjets have a tendency to saturate the page, causing wrinkles.

Is The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum a good supplement for MÖRK BORG? Like all supplements, your mileage will vary, but I think overall, it’s a pretty solid, creative addition to the MÖRK BORG lineup. However, as good as the unclean and sacred powers are, I wish there were additional background information on the foul wizard Zoya Baum and Sister Rihova. Although long dead, incorporating their individual stories into the game could provide some tremendous roleplaying hooks and the impetus to seek out some of the powers (as scrolls). In the end, it’s free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

~ Modoc

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