Star Light, Star Bright – A Fallen Star For All [Mutant Crawl Classics]

A Fallen Star For All

A Level 1 Adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics

Author: Tim Callahan
Publisher: Goodman Games
Page Count: 24
Available Formats: PDF & Print
PDF (DTRPG) – $6.99
Print/PDF Combo (Goodman Games) – $9.99

It’s been three days since a blazing object soared through the sky, striking the northeast on the edge of the volcanic Crater Country. The ground shook, the jungle burned, and the sky became black as night. As the fires subsided, rumors spread throughout the land that the celestial object’s impact unearthed a city of the Ancients. Tribes from all around sent forth representatives to plunder its secrets.

The celestial object’s impact was not far from the character’s village, causing great fires in the surrounding area, and smoke darkened the sky for several days. When it was safe, the chief elder sent tribesmen to investigate. Upon their return, they spoke of a great crater from which wisp of black smoke still rise and creatures moving within. Within the crater, uncovered by the impact, was a city of the ancients. The village’s chief elder summoned a group of youngsters, fresh off their rite of passage (player characters), to go forth and collect ancient artifacts from this newly uncovered city. They will not be alone. Groups from other tribes are on their way to do the same. Characters will have to contend with relics of the past and rival tribes to make it back alive with their prizes.

A Fallen Star For All is a 1st level adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Player characters are most likely just getting situated among their tribe after completed their rite of passage. It is time for them to prove themselves again as seekers for the tribe in their first mission. It is an opportunity for them to acquire powerful artifacts for which there are many.

The trip to the smoldering crater is not far. Characters can get to it with relative ease and little resistance. Once they arrive, they see the large crater with smoke still billowing from it. Around it, the once lush jungle is now an open field of ash and charred remains. Small buildings, once hidden in the dense jungle, now lay exposed in the blackened landscape. It is the characters’ first sign of the Ancients. Exploring the crater further, they discover two entrances leading into a giant underground complex. Traveling deeper underground, they are bound to encounter relics from the past and seekers from other tribes on similar missions. The adventure pits the characters against elements of the past and present.

The adventure features twenty areas of interest plus many opportunities for random encounters. There are six different factions that the characters may encounter and twelve small but useful artifacts to find. The quality of the product is excellent—what you would expect from Goodman Games. There are two detailed maps by Stefen Paog, and the art, all black and white line art, is absolutely beautiful. The adventure’s layout flows nicely from page to page and follows the same stylings as the Mutant Crawl Classics rulebook.

There aren’t many Goodman Games published adventures for Mutant Crawl Classics. Thankfully, A Fallen Star For All is top-notch in production and adventure content. It is a great first adventure for characters just back from their rite of passage, serving as an opportunity for them to acquire powerful artifacts and test their skill against equally matched opponents. For a Gamemaster searching for a beginning adventure for their group, A Fallen Star For All is a great choice.

~Stephen Pennisi

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