Rest Your Feet and Have a Seat — The Lonely Throne [MÖRK BORG]

The Lonely Throne

A Mysterious Location for MÖRK BORG

Author: Matthew Sanderson
Page Count: 22
Available Formats: PDF & Print
PDF (DTRPG) – Free
Print – $10

In the ancient cemetery of Graven-Tosk, rumors of a stone throne called the “Lonely Throne” spread throughout the land. It is said if one sits upon the throne at night, it will attract the attention of a being buried deep below that grants the seated with treasures and forbidden knowledge for a price. One only needs to follow the statues upon entering the cemetery, for they point the way. Graven-Tosk cemetery is vast and dangerous. Is the price worth paying?

The Lonely Throne is a mysterious location for the MÖRK BORG roleplaying game. A brief side quest for gamemasters to incorporate into their ongoing campaign. Characters are drawn to the cemetery by tales of a special throne known as the “Lonely Throne” that will summon a being with great power. If one sits upon the throne and is willing to pay the price, they may walk away with great riches. The throne sits in the everchanging Graven-Tosk cemetery—its landscape never the same when visitors return. The ” Lonely Throne” can be found by following the single outstretched finger on the left hand of several carefully placed statues of veiled mourners. Each veiled mourner points to another—the last one points to the throne. Only at night will the being below appear once the throne is occupied. Many have entered Graven-Tork, never be seen or heard from again.

The adventure is quite brief. Upon entering the cemetery, the Gamemaster will choose or randomly roll the number of veiled mourner statues the characters will need to follow to locate the throne. Travel between statues generates random encounters—a table of ten random encounters is provided. The Gamemaster determines the distance between statues. Encounters range from deadly to characters simply losing their way to the next statue and having to replot their route. Distance and time are abstracted, and night can come at any moment. When night falls, characters are forced to camp, triggering nightly random encounters.

Once the characters locate the “Lonely Throne” and sit upon it on the darkest of nights, they summon a powerful entity buried in the cemetery. Which entity shows up is up to the Gamemaster. There are three provided from which the Gamemaster may choose: a forgotten god, a powerful wraith, or an undead necromancer. Each one is highly detailed, with their own offering to the one seated on the throne. Acceptance of the gift comes with a price. The offering by each entity has ten options that may be chosen or rolled for randomly. The seated must pay the price or face the wrath of the entity and a d10 random dire consequence. Once the characters leave or flee from the cemetery, they may be forever scared from their adventure.

Originally created for the FÖLK-LORE Game Jam, The Lonely Throne was inspired by the Devils Chairs’ folklore/urban legends. Devils Chairs are stone seats found in cemeteries. Built for patrons to sit on when visiting loved ones, they quickly became commonplace in cemeteries. Usually positioned facing the deceased, stone thrones and other seating started popping up as decoration toward the end of this cemetery furniture fad. Their purpose was later distorted and twisted to accompany a tale of summoning a devil if sat upon one at the stroke of midnight.

For this review, I used the free PDF I downloaded from DrivethruRPG. It features all the hallmarks one expects from an MÖRK BORG production. The pages use a vibrant yellow background to assault the eyes while stylized creepy bitmapped black and white illustrations set the mood. Though not an official publication from Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell it follows the same style guide of official MÖRK BORG products.

The Lonely Throne: A Mysterious Location for MÖRK BORG is a great add-on to any MÖRK BORG game. Pair it with other adventures set in Graven-Tosk, or run it as a standalone. It is great for a quick session or a pick-up game. It’s written by Matthew Sanderson of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias/Call of Cthulhu author fame; the writing is of high quality. Download it for free or pick up a printed copy to go with your MÖRK BORG roleplaying collection.

~Stephen Pennisi

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