Rolling Boxcar’s Best of 2021

This year, like 2020, was a rollercoaster ride, with the continuing global pandemic, lockdowns in various countries, the Delta variant, and vaccines, glorious vaccines! Despite the challenges, it’s been another fantastic year for us here at Rolling Boxcars.

So much has happened this year. We’ve re-affirmed our “influencer” relationship with Chaosium, began “influencer” relationships with Free League Games and Osprey Games, diligently maintained our roster of virtual gaming events (Online Gaming Conventions). Once again, we surpassed all previous years’ “view” and visitor totals. As a tribute to all our contributors’ hard work, we’re again looking back at the year’s most viewed articles.

A Lever to Move Planets: Dune RPG Review – The new Dune RPG is all the rage, and Daniel is a long-time fan of the novels. He provides readers with his thoughts and impression of the new game and fun contextual details.

A Walk in the Woods – A Review of the Symbaroum Starter Set – Daniel explores the new Sybaroum Start Set, which has wholeheartedly changed his opinion about the game. Will you find it as impressive as he did?

Little Orange Books – The Lost Classes: The Arnesonian Classes – Zines continue to be all the rage in the OSR scene, and Ryan Thompson’s The Lost Classes: The Arnesonian Classes adds a little flavor, flair, and fun to Old-School Essential or other old-school fantasy game.

Are You Feeling Lucky Punk? – A Review of Tombpunk RPG – Sometimes, you want something fun and straightforward. Tombpunk might be a game for you. Alan Bahr has created a fully functional fantasy game that is minimalist in its design.

How We Used to Fight! – A Review of Comrades: A Revolutionary RPG – We review this controversial Powered by the Apocalypse game, which is a fan favorite for some and hated by others. Follows members of a fledgling underground movement that rises against a corrupt government, forced to plan, work, and fight from the shadows.

Our Dark Parallel – A Review of Sigil & Shadow – The urban occult horror game from Osprey Games is getting some good reviews. Although Modoc didn’t particularly care for its mechanics, there is a lot of good material in the book. Well worth the read if this amalgam of genres is your thing.

Who’s Alice and Why is She Missing? – A Review of Alice is Missing – Who’s Alice? What’s happened to her? Play to find out! This innovative game takes players on an emotional, narrative journey into those questions; innovatively through cell phone or online messaging apps.

Deep in Rim-Space – A Review of Gradient Descent – Plumb the depths of an abandoned android factory, one taken over by an artificial Omniscience known as Monarch. A megadungeon drifting in space for the critically acclaimed Mothership roleplaying game.

Out of the Ashes – APOCTHULHU Roleplaying Game – This deep dive review explores a new take on Mythos gaming. Gritty adventures in a Post-Apocalyptic version of our world, one afflicted by the ravages of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Pick up where traditional investigators have failed; survivors (characters) live in the aftermath of their failures.

To Quell A Beast – The Adventure of the Great Hunt [Pendragon 6e] – A quickstart and adventure for the new and forthcoming 6th edition King Arthur Pendragon. We take a peek at what this latest version potentially offers via the quickstart.

Building Stories From The Ground Up – The Story Engine – Do you need inspiration for your creative endeavor or scenario? Look no further! The Story Engine might be the thing that propels your creativity to the next level.

The last thing we’d like to do is give a shout-out to all of our amazing patrons who have supported our work, joined us online for games, or who participated in our patron chats throughout the year! You folks are amazing, and thank you!

Thank you for a fantastic year from all of us at Rolling Boxcars!

~ The RB Team

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