I’m Scared Mummy – Tomb of the Savage Kings [Dungeon Crawl Classics]

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Tomb of the Savage Kings

Free RPG Day 2021

Author: Stephen Newton
Publisher: Goodman Games
Page Count: 16
Available Formats: PDF & Print
PDF (DTRPG) – $6.99
Print – $10

The stunning Isobel, a connoisseur of antique weapons, is presumed missing. Her sister Zita Aztur the most popular and wealthy socialite in Portnelle, is frantic. A stranger named Ardeth Bey has enticed Isobel’s lust for ancient weaponry. Ardeth Bey shared a map indicating the lost Tomb of Andoheb, which is believed to be the location for the fabled Moon Spear of Andoheb. Zita fears Isobel has gone off to search for the tomb to acquire the spear. Worse yet, Ardeth Bey is rumored to be a member of the El Gato Thieves Guild, known for their burglary and fence skills. Zita will pay handsomely to have her sister returned and requests a 15% finder fee for all treasure acquired in the tomb. To ensure the party doesn’t skim off the top, Zita sends her manservant, Whemple, a Halfling, to escort them to the tomb and account for the treasure plundered. If the group encounters Ardeth Bey, she would like him taken alive. There are others members of El Gato in town that would like to have a word with him.

Whemple, Zita Aztur manservant, may accompany the party into the tomb. Zita requests that no harm befall Whemple. Whemple provides the Gamemaster with an option of steering the group in the right direction if they get lost or indecisive. Whemple has valuable skills but will only use them if necessary. The module’s pre-generated characters host a well-rounded group of adventures that can handle any obstacles in front of them.

Printed and published for the 2021 Free RPG Day, Tomb of the Savage Kings is a quick dungeon crawl into the tomb of Andoheb to locate the lost Isobel. The adventure is inspired by the classic horror movies The Mummy (1933), The Mummy’s Hand (1940), and Hammer Studio’s The Mummy (1959). The adventure is loosely connected to the Doom of the Savage Kings (DCC 66.5), in which the beast that plagues the village of Hirot could originate from the Tomb of Andoheb.

The adventure is short, comprising just a few rooms with a mix of traps and monster encounters. One can think of it as a mini version of a Tomb of Horrors as it borrows design elements from it. Tomb of the Savage Kings is designed for four to five 2nd level characters and can easily be completed in a single session of four hours or more. Six pre-generated characters are available for download only at Goodman’s Games website—omitted in the print version. They included a lawful cleric, neutral dwarf, lawful elf, lawful fighter, chaotic thief, and chaotic wizard. Each is designed for this adventure and should handle the job at hand.

Gamemasters should note there are several editorial errors in this adventure. They are easy to spot and correct. These errors will be corrected in future printings and PDFs. No updated PDF is available at the time of this article.

Tomb of the Savage Kings appears to be an entertaining adventure. There are many clues throughout the booklet images that players may or may not pick up on. Even the cover is a clue. What’s obvious is that the adventurers will encounter a mummy at some point. Whether they will defeat it depends on how the preceding rooms treat them. Fun times are ahead.

There are several outcomes for the adventures. One mentioned above ties in the hound of Hirot from Doom of the Savage Kings. Other endings place characters in a strange new land or further investigate Andoheb. Each of which is up to the Gamemaster to flesh out. As a Free RPG Day adventure, it fits the bill. Tomb of the Savage Kings is a single-session adventure sure to thrill and entertain your gaming group and a lovely addition to your Dungeon Crawl Classics collection.

~Stephen Pennisi

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