Taking to the Streets – Streetfighting [Cyberpunk 2020]


A Cyberpunk Adventure Anthology

Author: Andrew Borelli, Woody Eblom, Thomas M. Kane, Brian Perry, and Johathan Tweet
Publisher: Atlas Games
Page Count: 64
Available Formats: PDF & Print
PDF (DTRPG) – $7.95
Print – Varies

Run and gun, hack and slash, whatever you want to call it, this Cyberpunk 2020 supplement is all about quick combat encounters to implant into your existing campaign. Don’t look for deep intertwining plot threads here. Instead, get ready to lock, load, and expel an arsenal of ammunition in these seven quick adventures. Each one is designed for a seasoned cyberpunk to earn much-needed euro bucks or boost their reputation. It’s time to flip off those safeties and dive for cover. This is Streetfighting!

Please note that below there are spoilers to the adventures. I’ve done my best to obfuscate the surprises as best as possible, but it is hard not to describe the adventures without including them. 


Karunga N’tomba, a manager at MultiMaker, also has a side hustle distributing heroin. He uses the multipurpose industrial robots his company builds to transport the drugs. Unfortunately, Karunga has been arrested. Upon his arrest, rumors are spreading that a shipment of heroin is stashed in a MultiMincer factory. In this age of designer drugs, narcotic-produced products are rare and command a high price. The players’ characters either are approached by a fixer looking to purchase the heroin if the group can acquire it, or the party’s fixer hears the rumor and has a buyer for it. Either way, the adventure is at the MultiMincer factory, where a group of netrunners already has a headstart. They have located the heroin and use the factory’s robots and their workings to acquire it. It’s a race for a potentially big payday.

Sunday Drive

The player characters are hired to deliver a Militech experimental tank from its workshop to the docks, where it will be loaded on a ship to head to its proving grounds for final testing. The prototype is too massive for an airlift, so it will need to be driven to the docks. Due to city regulations, it must travel along a predetermined route through the city. The prototype is a semi-stationary tank hunter named SHREW Heavy Assualt System. Ample compensation awaits the characters upon delivery. But a slow-moving vehicle like the SHREW makes for an easy target and a group called the Leatherneck Legion are waiting for the right opportunity to make it theirs.

Showdown at the Arcade Arcade

It’s a showdown at the Arcade Arcade. The Juicers and Warriors, two rival gangs, aren’t fighting over territory. Neither holds territory adjacent to each other. Instead, some harsh words have been traded, and it is escalating into the rumble of the ages. Papa Juice, leader of the Juicers and Speed of the Warriors, has agreed to settle their differences at the Arcade Arcade. Both gangs will be full force—between 150-200 participants. The winning side hopes to impress the young cyberpunks into joining their ranks. But what the two gangs don’t know is the police are on to them. Waiting outside of view is a whole squad ready to intervene, adding even more bodies to the melee.

This adventure has several different options to involve the player characters. The player characters may be gang members, police officers, shock troopers at the arcade, or young cyberpunks patrons. This adventure offers the most flexibility for involvement out of all of the adventures in this book.

Boxed In

The player characters are contracted to escort Alex Johnson, a chemical researcher, and his package to Arizona. He needs the package delivered as soon as possible. It’s too valuable and sensitive for air travel or to send unaccompanied. Alex is very evasive when questioned about its contents but is willing to pay very well for safe passage. If the players aren’t up for the job, Alex has another plan to force them to accept. Everything goes smooth until the group encounters the pitfalls of the Arizona desert, box canyons, and nomads. If the player characters can safely get Alex and his package to his destination, he could prove to be a valuable ally in the future.

Night Life

The player characters enjoy a night out at their favorite Combat Zone bar, Merl’s Place. Merl, the owner, is a former cybersolider and has decked out his establishment in the best security systems money can buy. There are systems to control patrons, non-lethal defenses, back-up security, lethal defenses, and exterior defenses. You can’t be too secure when you’re in a combat zone. The group is having a nice night out, enjoying themselves when a Rocker enters with a group of Solos. The Rocker is wanted by a group of boosters waiting patiently in one of the booths. They wish to take him outside and pummel him. The Boosters pull their weapons and start firing, and a couple of off-duty police officers flip over their table and add to the chaos. All hell breaks loose as Merl’s security system kicks in. So much for a quiet night out.

Behavior Control Technicians

The adventure opens with the player characters arriving at a  bar called De-evolution, a highly secured facility located underground beneath a hotel. Its clientele is primarily techies and netrunners. There is a weapon’s check at the entrance to ensure there aren’t any firefights. The establishment is oddly shaped—an acute scalene triangle. At its tip is a stage and a bar runs the length of the opposing wall. There are data ports on each firmly secured table to jack into. The General, the bartender, is unusually quiet. He hardly speaks; the usual responses are grunts, groans, or snickers. On stage are four men in yellow jumpsuits wearing 3-D glasses performing for the crowd. Everything is normal until a group of Cyberpsycho Squad tries to apprehend a cyberpsychosis patron on their list.

It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll

Rock show! Rock show! The player characters are offered to play at a rock ‘n roll show in Metro Plaza. It is a fantastic opportunity for an up-and-coming Rocker. Alterniaivlty if the group doesn’t have a rocker, they are hired as security for another Rocker. Whichever, the group will be held financially responsible if the event gets out of control. The city does not want a riot on its hands. But within the crowd, a group of devious agitators is looking to do just that. All the group’s profits may be flushed down the drain once the city bills them for the damages.

Final thought

Streetfighting lives up to its name. There is no room for negotiations; only the barrel end will do. These nine firefights are easily incorporated into existing Cyberpunk campaigns. Their locations are easily moved, scaled up, or down to meet the firepower of your players. They provide a single session of fast-paced action, perfect for a one-shot or a convention game. Several adventures reference other Cyberpunk supplements from which a Gamemaster may pull additional information. The adventures are straightforward in their design and execution and require little prep time to run. Streetfighting is an excellent addition to your Cyberpunk collection that will bring the violence of the streets straight to your player characters’ door.

~Stephen Pennisi

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