Rolling Boxcars at GENCON

Rolling Boxcars will be GENCON in August. I (Keith) will be there for various reasons, but first and foremost, I will be there as part of the press pool providing event coverage. During the convention, look for tweets as I provide updates and images of the event from my perspective.

After the convention, I will write up an article about my experience. Especially considering this is my first time going to not only GENCON but an event this large. It is the largest event in the world, after all.

In addition to covering the event, I managed to schedule myself to play a few games and will likely spend loads of time in the vendor hall chatting with publishers. So, if you’re a publisher or just reading this article and will be a GENCON, comment below or email us, and I’ll make an effort to connect with you at the convention.

Hope to see you in Indy!

GENCON tickets are still available.

~ Modoc

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