Brrr! It’s Cold Outside – Delta Green: Jack Frost

Jack Frost

Author: Shane Ivey
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
Page Count: 92
Available Formats: PDF & Print
PDF (DTRPG) – $9.99
Print – $29.99

On December 22, 1998, an unseasonable extreme blizzard blanketed the town of Willis, Alabama, killing many residents. Scientific monitoring equipment registered anomalies in the area, getting the attention of elements falling under the umbrella of MAJESTIC. Willis was descended upon, and a perimeter was secured as different organizations began their investigation. Each organization brings its own priorities, angles, and marching orders regarding the emerging situation and the threat they perceive it to be. The Researchers quickly find themselves embroiled in not only the politics on the ground but also the sprawling web of clues that will eventually lead them to the root cause of the incursion and the blizzard.

The unfolding situation will challenge Researchers as they work lines of inquiry at the direction of their on-scene commander. An expeditious investigation is critical; however, peeling back the layer of clues takes time, and time is working against them. Moreover, the situation is devolving, and Researchers are unlikely to grasp the impending calamity and the gravity of the situation until it is too late. All hope is not lost; it remains possible to bring their investigation to a successful conclusion, but at what cost?

This sprawling scenario offers players and Handlers a non-standard Delta Green experience. Set in 1998, amidst the strange weather phenomenon, players take on the role of Researchers, scientists, and soldiers of the legendary MAJESTIC Program as part of Project PLUTO and are assigned to Operation WEATHERWATCHER. This special-access program runs out of the Pentagon and is managed by the Air Force. Their mission is to investigate what happened in Willis.

Jack Frost is designed for four players with specifically created pre-generated Researchers. A second set of pre-gens comprises a team of pararescuemen who are part of Operation BLUE FLY; a team of Air Force security professionals attached to WEATHERWATCHER. The intent here is for players to play two characters, switching roles between their Researcher and Pararescueman periodically, giving them a greater sense of the scale and scope of the operation at hand. As there are many moving parts to this operation, game length is highly variable and will depend on the course of action the players take.

Jack Frost is a longer, move-involved scenario, unlike other Delta Green scenarios. Although larger in scope, it is not a mini-campaign with multiple linked scenarios like in Iconoclast. It is a single sprawling operation with many moving parts, non-player characters, and an intricate web of clues.


The scenario is available in print and digital formats. The print format is full-color U.S. letter-sized. The digital version includes a hyperlinked table of contents and comes with all the handouts in a separate file for ease of use. Both versions are identical in appearance and layout, following the standards established for Delta Green products.

There are a plethora of handouts and pre-gens. The handouts are nicely illustrated and very functional. All handouts are referenced in the scenario, but I found one that is never referenced and is, therefore, unlikely to be used. The pre-gens for the Researchers and Pararescuemen offer occupations and a mix of skills that complement each other—giving each team the broadest possible skill array.

Final Thoughts

First, this scenario is not recommended for new Delta Green Handlers! With so many moving parts and the forces at work, new Handlers might quickly feel overwhelmed. Adding to this, is a considerable amount of upfront information like names, ranks, organization structures, scientific theories, and flavor text throughout that, while it helps provide some context for the Handler, feels a little unnecessary and could have been trimmed during editing. Having said that, I do recommend Jack Frost for more seasoned Handlers.

Jack Frost is a sanity-draining operation designed to give players a different look into the world of Delta Green—changing up the typical game experience. As such, it has a lot going for it if you’re willing to put in the work to make it shine.

I personally like the complexity of the various organizations involved, the web of clues, and the stark reality of the situation as it unfolds. I recognize that the things I like may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a different Delta Green experience that is as much an investigation as survival against the odds, I think you will find Jack Frost to your liking.

Those considering Jack Frost should keep in mind that it is not designed to be integrated into an existing campaign and is, therefore, a one-off scenario. Not that many will be alive or sane enough to carry on anyways!

Think smartly, tread lightly, and don’t lose your wits!

~ Modoc

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