Modoc’s Reading Initiative for 2023

Each year as the calendar changes from 31st December to 1st January and as the fireworks light up the night sky the world over, people tend to make resolutions to themselves and others. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions are nothing more than lip service to make oneself feel better that quickly fall by the wayside. Like most, I am guilty of falling into this rut, as I am sure others are as well. You can take comfort in the idea that we are just more pragmatic and live in the moment. Is that such a bad thing?

Having called a spade a spade, I have not set any lofty New Year resolutions this year. I actually decided on and began my 2023 initiative back in December. This year I am working toward something I feel is reasonably attainable and serves both the blog and our readers. I have purposely decided to read, review, and run some of the games that have been collecting dust on my shelves, in some cases, for years. I began by making a modest list of thirty games. Some are massive, like the 900-page Weird Frontiers, while others are much shorter, like Primetime Adventure 3rd edition. I plan to choose books at random each time I meet a milestone. Some have already been reviewed on the blog, and in these cases, the aim is to get them to the table. My list of games includes the following titles.

  1. Nowhereville
  2. Twilight 2000
  3. Dialect
  4. Magical Kitties Save the Day
  5. Weird Frontiers
  6. Spire: The City Must Fall
  7. Liminal
  8. City of Mist
  9. Kult: Divinity Lost
  10. RuneQuest (Starter)
  11. DCC: Lankhmar
  12. Primetime Adventure 3rd edition
  13. Warhammer Fantasy (Starter)
  14. Swords of the Serpentine
  15. The Yellow King
  16. Casting the Runes
  17. Jiangshi
  18. Baker Street
  19. One Ring (Starter)
  20. Root: The RPG
  21. Torchbearer 2e
  22. Unknown Armies
  23. Princess Bride
  24. Never Going Home
  25. Buffy Revised
  26. Lex Arcana
  27. Bones Deep
  28. Frontier Scum
  29. Fear Itself 2e
  30. Pirate Borg

This initiative is low-stress and attainable simply because I am not setting specific arbitrary goals. I have no particular deadlines or exact number of games I want to run this year.

Did you set any lofty or more down-to-earth gaming-related New Year’s resolutions or goals this year? If you did, leave a comment and let me know. I am genuinely curious about what others are doing to be more active in our shared hobby. If you have not set any gaming goals for the coming year, consider doing something similar to what I am doing; celebrate your little wins and enjoy the coming year.

~ Modoc

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron S. says:

    I keep a similar list of games I own and hope to get to the table in the near to medium future (some having earned their spot based on reviews from this very site!). Here’s my current cut:
    1. Mothership
    2. Out of Dodge
    3. Weird Heroes of Public Access
    4. Law’s Out
    5. Juggernaut
    6. Conspiracist
    7. Macabre Tales
    8. The Princess Bride Roleplaying Game
    9. No Glimmer Through the Night
    10. Brindlewood Bay
    11. Cats of Catthulhu

    I also track RPGs I’ve run or played for the first time throughout the year to remind myself to make some progress. Last year was a banner year; eight new games/systems!

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  2. modoc31 says:

    Aaron, Thank you for taking the time read the article and leave a comment. Several games on your list have been on and off my list of games read/run for years, like Macabre Tales, but they never seem to make it to the table.

    ~ Modoc


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