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Welcome to the next installment of the “For Your Listening Pleasure” series, in which we highlight and showcase podcasts and radio dramas that we enjoy. In this installment, I will introduce you to two radio dramas I have been listening to lately. I invite you to get comfortable, stay awhile, and hopefully find something new for your listening pleasure.

The two podcasts presented in this installment are The Dark is Rising and The Antique Shop. Each is written, directed, independently produced, and available on all major podcast streaming services.

As always, we encourage you to comment below with your favorite podcast; don’t forget to tell us what you love about it.

The Dark is Rising – This radio drama is a fun and wonderful adaptation of Susan Cooper’s contemporary fantasy novel series by the same name, originally published from 1965 to 1977. This twelve-part audio drama is a coming-of-age story of Will Stanton as he approaches his eleventh birthday and the Christmas holiday season, a time predestined for the showdown between the Light and the Dark. Will is thrust into a fantasy world, not of his making. At times it mirrors his own; other times, it spans the centuries. Will learns he is part of a greater cosmic force destined to fight the Darkness.

This is a genuinely heartwarming tale of good versus evil. There are moments in the story that will hit you square in the feelings. It is recommended that drama is best experienced with headphones for a unique, immersive “binaural” experience. I can wholeheartedly attest that the audio experience is magnificent.

The Antique Shop – This strange, mostly first-person narration follows Maya, a Scottish university student who finds employment in an old, obscure antique shop owned by a mysterious woman. The listener follows Maya’s story through her audio diary recordings. Through these recordings, we learn that her mysterious employer is a complicated woman and that there is more to this antique shop than meets the eye. As fate would have it, customers and other special clients are few, but those that do find their way into the shop are meant to be there for one reason or another. Listen along to learn some of the secrets of the antique shop.

The Antique Shop is a delight to listen to. Written, recorded, and published by Ghostly Thistle, it presently spans 50 episodes in addition to a small number of special episodes. I am about halfway through, and it has sucked me in hook, line, and sinker. I can’t get enough!

~ Modoc

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