Freaks of Nature – A Review of Caliginosity: 6 More Optional Classes for MÖRK BORG


6 More Optional Classes for MÖRK BORG

Author: Matt Hooper
Publisher: Grover Did It
Page Count: 15
Available Formats: PDF
PDF (DTRPG) – $2.49

Are you satisfied with the class option available to you in MÖRK BORG? If not, perhaps Matt Hooper’s new Caliginosity will have what you want. Caliginosity is a short 15-page supplement offering six new classes for MÖRK BORG fans to get excited about. As weird and strange as the game is, so are the optional classes in this supplement.

  • Hulking Brute – a bulging mass of muscle specializing in high-impact, low-impulse control. Low on brains, high brawn.
  • Sower of Discord – manipulative agent of chaos and misery. Willing to manipulate those around them, friends or foes.
  • Shadow Caller – born of darkness, tainted by misfortune; Shadow Caller can manipulate the very shadows around them.
  • Hungering Hive – a strange sentient swarming sisterhood. Mute and illiterate, roaming the land in search of sustenance and significance.
  • Meat Thief – a harvester and collector of second-hand flesh.
  • Venerable Hunter – a once great hunter now past their prime but still a legend. Don’t discount them yet!

Each class is uniquely different from one another, offering players new and interesting options. And while they feel outwardly different in the MÖRK BORG setting in general, I wonder what the sources of inspiration were. For example, the Meat Thief feels vaguely familiar to me. It parallels the Cannibal Warlock in the MÖRK BORG core book scenario, “Rotblack Sludge.”


The layout of Caliginosity has the general look and feel of a MÖRK BORG product. That is to say, it is in keeping with the spirit of the art-punk style. Orange, black, and gray are the predominant colors in the palette. Thankfully, no bright yellow or hot pink was used. A mix of fonts is used, and while the vast majority are easily readable, there is one used in the Hulking Brute that has a “blurred” effect. Even zoomed to 100%, it is hard to read. Thankfully, it is limited to a small block of text. The art used is thematically appropriate and evocative. None of it is out of character for such a supplement.

It is worth mentioning that the Sower of Discord’s two-page spread is inverted 180º from the other pages. I must admit that it is in keeping with the theme of the class—discord—but it is annoying to have to rotate the pages in the PDF viewer just to rotate them back.

Final Thoughts

Caliginosity offers players six new and unique classes to bring to the table. They feel neither overpowered nor do they feel underwhelming when compared to other supplements already on the market. Your mileage may vary, but are options a bad thing? If you’re unsure if Caliginosity is a supplement for you, the designer offers the Venerable Hunter as a Pay What You Want singular product.

~ Modoc

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