Investigator Images: Curated Yearbooks

Curated Yearbooks Through the Ages

If you’re anything like us, you’re always seeking the perfect picture to represent your investigator in Call of Cthulhu or some other roleplaying game. We have been curating a list of school yearbooks from the past that you may find useful. Some of the yearbooks offer great advertisements that may also be useful for Gamemasters. Feel free to suggest new sites to find more yearbooks or other worthwhile images to add to the list by commenting below.

Please note that we have used the period name for all schools listed below. While some verbiage may not be commonplace or even acceptable today, we feel honoring those that attended these schools is paramount.

Thank you to Bret Kramer of Sentinel Hill Press for the inspiration to start this curated list.

~ Modoc

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School Yearbooks:

1898 Taylor College
1899 Rhode Island State College
1901 Park College
1901 Rhode Island College
1901 Taylor University
1904 Wofford College
1905 Rhode Island State College
1906 Rhode Island State College
1906 Southwestern University
1906 University of South Carolina
1908 Southwestern University
1909 Rhode Island University
1909 Southwestern University
1910 Rhode Island State College
1912 North Carolina State University
1913 North Carolina State University
1914 Southwestern University
1915 Erskine College
1915 Salem State Normal School
1915 Tulane University
1916 Erskine College
1916 Salem State Normal School
1917 Rhode Island State College
1918 Rhode Island State College
1918 Salem State Normal School
1919 Salem State Normal School
1919 Taylor University
1920 Rhode Island State College
1920 Sioux Falls High School
1920 Taylor University
1921 Salem State Normal School
1922 Taylor University
1922 Salem State Normal School
1923 Duke University
1924 Arkansas City Junior College
1924 Rhode Island State College
1924 Salem State Normal School
1924 Taylor University
1925 Salem Normal School
1925 University of South Carolina
1925 Wake Forest University
1926 Taylor University
1927 Duke University
1928 Amherst College
1928 Salem State Normal School
1929 Amherst College
1929 Park College
1929 Salem State Normal School
1930 Taylor University
1930 Tulane University
1931 Salem State Normal School
1931 Taylor University
1932 Amherst College
1932 Rhode Island State College
1932 Salem State Normal School
1932 Tulane University
1933 Salem State Normal School
1933 Washing-Lee High School
1934 Salem State Normal School
1935 Clemson University
1935 Middlebury College
1935 Salem State Normal School
1936 Hahnemann Medical College
1936 Park College
1936 Taylor University
1936 Washington Lee High School
1937 Southwestern University
1938 Southwestern University
1939 Arkansas City Junior College
1939 Taylor University
1940 High Point University
1956 Elmhurst College
1959 Elmhurst College

Historically Black Schools:

1919 Kentucky Normal & Industrial Institute
1925 Elizabeth City State University
1927 Fayetteville State University
1927 Livingstone College
1928 Livingstone College
1929 Johnson C. Smith University
1929 North Carolina Central University
1929 North Carolina College for Negroes
1930 Johnson C. Smith University
1936 Johnson C. Smith University
1939 North Carolina Central University
1939 North Carolina College for Negroes
1940 North Carolina Central University
1940 North Carolina College for Negroes
1942 Livingstone College

Predominately Women’s Schools:

1911 Chowan University
1917 Boston Normal School
1920 Greenville Woman’s College
1921 Bay Path Institute of Springfield Massachusetts (Some men attended)
1923 Greenville Woman’s College
1924 MacMurray College
1925 Bay Path Institute of Springfield Massachusetts (Some men attended)
1927 Chowan University
1927 Teachers College of the City of Boston
1928 Bay Path Institute of Springfield Massachusetts (Some men attended)
1929 Bay Path Institute of Springfield Massachusetts (Some men attended)
1932 Bay Path College (Some men attended)
1933 Flora McDonald College
1934 Barnard College
1937 Bay Path College (Some men attended)
1938 Barnard College
1939 Barnard College
1939 Flora McDonald College
1942 MacMurray College
1943 Flora McDonald College
1956 MacMurray College


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