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Humble Beginnings

This page started life from humble beginnings in 2020 and has morphed into a resource used by many. One of our Patreon supporters suggested that we give it a more permanent home as a page rather than a blog post, and we could not agree more.

COVID continues to devastate the winter and spring convention seasons. As a result, many convention organizers continue to turn to online virtual events to keep funds coming in, support charities, and placate gamers’ needs to play games and socialize with other kindred souls.

We are always on the lookout for conventions and events not yet on the list. We’re trying to provide the best possible and most comprehensive list available. If you’d like to contribute to this growing list, please use the submission form at the bottom of this page.

Lastly, we encourage everyone to bookmark this page as we’ll be updating it regularly as more events go virtual.

Virtual Conventions

October 2021
October 29-31, 2021 – Metatopia Online 2021
October 30- November 2021 – Furiously Eclectic Harvest Gaming 2021
October 31, 2021 – Tales from Screaming Spires

November 2021
November 3-6, 2021 – Ancient Rome @Home
November 5-7, 2021 – Empire of the Cyclops Con
November 5-7, 2021 – AcadeCon 2021: Fellowship of the Conline
November 5-7, 2021 – Craft Beer Con Online 2021
November 12-14, 2021 – GROGMEETish 2021
November 12-14, 2021 – EUcon
November 12-14, 2021 – Roll20Con 2021
November 13-14, 2021 – Con4eR – The D&D4e Renaissance

December 2021
December 3-4, 2021 – Impossible Realities A Snowed Inn Gameday
December 16-19, 2021 – Solstice Events Presents Winter Twilight 2021
December 26, 2021 – Furiously Eclectic Boxing Day Gaming

January 2022
January 28-30, 2021 – BSer CON

February 2022
February 18-20, 2021 – Con of the North 2022

March 2022
March 24-27, March – Gary Con XIV

Event Submission

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