Request A Product Review

Welcome creatives, designers, and publishers,

Thank you for your interest and desire to have Rolling Boxcars review one or more of your products. We routinely receive requests through several different channels, and that’s okay, but we wanted to set a few ground rules to make it easier for everyone.

Ground Rules:

  • We do not do pre-Kickstarter reviews
  • Products must be published or “release ready.”
  • We cannot guarantee a particular publication date

How to Request A Review:

  • Email us at and provide us with the following information
    • Name of product
    • Type of Product (RPG, RPG supplement, Boardgame, etc.)
    • A link to the product so that we can learn a little about it
    • Your contact information

Our Process:

  • Once a request is received
    • Our team discusses if the product is a fit for Rolling Boxcars and who’s the best person to review it.
  • If we agree to review your product
    • You’ll be notified via email.
    • We’ll request physical and/or digital copies, depending on the product type and the reviewer’s preference.
    • We’ll read and write a fair and honest review of your product.
  • If, for some reason, we decide not to review your product
    • You’ll be notified via email with an explanation.

Thank you for considering Rolling Boxcars.

~ Modoc, Stephen, and Daniel