A Look at acts of Malice, volume one

acts of MALICE, volume one Author: David Kizzia Publisher: MonkeyFun Studios Page Count: 23 Available Formats: PDF PDF (DTRPG) – $6.99 Recently, we published our review of the roleplaying game a town called Malice (Nordic Horror Never Looked so Good – A Town Called Malice), which was well received by our readers. We thought it…

Nordic Horror Never Looked so Good – A Town Called Malice

a town called Malice Author: David Kizzia Publisher: Monkey Fun Available Formats: PDF and Print PDF (DTRPG) – $14.99 Print (DTRPG Hardcover/PDF combo) – $34.99 In April 2019, a town called Malice, a newly launched  Kickstarter popped up on my radar. Having enjoyed other Monkeyfun Studios games, I read the pitch and pledged my money….