Opening the Case File – A Review of the Delta Green RPG

Authors: Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Kenneth Hite, Shane Ivey, Greg Stolze Development/Editing: Dennis Detwiller & Shane Ivey Published by: ArcDream Publishing. Page Count: Two Volumes – Agent’s Handbook (194 pages) and Case Officer’s Handbook (370 pages) Available Formats: PDF, Print (Slipcase) I’d been on the periphery of Delta Green since shortly after the release…

The Unspeakable Oath #25 is Now Available

Today, the latest issue (#25) of The Unspeakable Oath published. For all of you Call of Cthulhu and Mythos fan, this should be on your radar. I, myself, have not had the chance to pick it up and read it yet, but if it’s still maintaining its usual high standards, it’ll be a great issue….