ASL Historical Module – Hatten In Flames on Preorder

Listen up ASL players! MMP just announced a new ASL HASL boxset — Hatten in Flames. It is currently on preorder for $45 with an MSRP of $60. As always, there is no set delivery date at this time. In late December 1944, the American 7th Army was overextended throughout the French provinces of Alsace…

ASL News! AoO, Forgotten War and ASLSK3

ASL players rejoice! If you haven’t seen the latest email from Multiman Publishing, they have some great news. First, ASLSK #3 is once again available. Second, Forgotten War will come off pre-order on 27 Dec. Lastly, and most notably (to me anyway) is that Armies of Oblivion will go on pre-order on 27 Dec! The…

ASL Players Rejoice, Festung Budapest is Available for Pre-order Again!

ASL players, you now have the opportunity to pre-order Festung Budapest again! MMP has just added a pre-order option for the next small print run. They have acknowledged the previous printed botched the last print run and therefore, it went out of print almost immediately. Get while the getting is good. You should note the…

Unboxing – Beyond Valor 3rd Edition

I have recently started playing Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) again. Having just received this in the mail, I thought I would show everyone what you actually get in the box. Here’s a super quick look inside. ~ Modoc Join the Boxcar Nation on G+ or on Twitter

Quick Look – ASL Rulebook Pocket Edition

Here is the first in a short series of Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) unboxing and quick look videos. This being the first, I thought it appropriate to start with the rulebook. I choose to purchase the Pocket Edition of the rulebook. Here’s a quick look at the book itself and some of my initial thoughts….