Editor’s Desk: Agatha Christie – Death on the Cards

We just received the following press release from our friends over at Modiphius. This looks to be quite interesting. I’m a fan of Agatha Christie’s classics and mystery, bluffing card games. Time will tell if this is my cup of tea or not. Have a look below. Do you have something you want the editor…

Inner Sanctum – A Look Under the Hood [Prototype Game]

Inner Sanctum Designer: Ben Burns Publisher: New Comet Games Game Type: Card (Prototype) Prime Mechanic: Set Collection Available for Purchase: NO Recently, I had the chance to play a prototype of Inner Sanctum, a forthcoming release from New Comet Games. As both a playtester and reviewer, I want to caution readers this game is not in…

Product Review – Most Glorious Comrade

Most Glorious Comrade Author: Eugene Shenderov Cover Design: Charlie Wilcher Publisher: This and That Games Available Formats: Physical Deck of Cards Cost: $15.00 <– Click here to buy at DriveThruCards PREMISE & MECHANICS Please take a minute to watch the designers tell you about their game and I will fill in what is missing. Okay, so let me fill…

Kickstarter Radar Engaged! Exploding Kittens and a Pig-A-Corn

I just got done scanning the myriad of game related kickstaters and as always several jumped out at me, but this one is killing it. Exploding Kittens! Sweet mother of….. This looks awesome for such a simplistic game. The theme is what really appeals to me. As of writing this post they are just short of 1Mil….

Quality of Kickstarter Projects are Horrible These Days!

Early this year Kickstarter opened the flood gates for project submissions. They implemented a change in their policy to screen all project submissions before they were allowed to go live. The change removed the pre-screening, which in-turn allowed anyone to create projects. There in lies the current problem with the quality of these newer projects….