Laser Cut Tokens & Hand Painted D20s Oh My!

Laser Cut Tokens & Hand Painted D20s Artist: Elizabeth Klosek Company: AROC Gaming Company Website This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend MACE in Charlotte, NC and got the chance to scour the vendors’ wares and I am very happy I did. One of the vendors, AROC Gaming, got a lot of my business….

64oz Games Successfully Funds Braille Gaming Dice

A few weeks ago I wrote about a braille dice campaign that was on Kickstarter. I am happy to report that the campaign more than doubled its funding goal and these dice will be a reality. While I am not surprised that such a project would be funded through a Kickstarter, I am surprised to…

Dear Secret Santa! 15 RPG Gift Ideas

The other day I published a list of 10 RPGs (included below) I would recommend to anyone participating in any of this year’s Secret Santa programs or that needed some neat gift ideas. The post received quite a number of hits and then I realized that I left off a few items. This lead to the…

Hey Secret Santa! 10 RPG Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again for all those shifty Secret Santa programs and I have a few recommendations for those looking for neat ideas to get for your recipient. Secret Santa programs should be about giving an amazing gift that your target would love to have, but maybe just doesn’t know it quite yet….

Kickstarter – Braille RPG Dice

I have seen it all now! While I am not visually impaired, this is amazing to see coming to the market. The only issue I have with the project as a whole is the price point seems fairly high at $10 per dice or $50 for a set of 7. Let me be clear, I…

Dice Shaming – Are You Guilty?

Are you guilty of shaming your die when it rolls poorly? If so, tell us or show us how you shame your dice. No bad roll should go unpunished! ~ Modoc Join the continued conversation at Boxcar Nation G+ community!