Editor’s Desk: Kisarta Live on Kickstarter

Greetings, We have received the following press release from the folks over at Isola Illyon Edizioni regarding their new Kickstarter. The premise seems interesting if you’re into 5th edition D&D and undead themes. Have a look here and there are more details below in the release. ~ Modoc Follow Modoc on Twitter at @DM_Modoc Join our Discord…

Stat Trackers – Making Life Easier for 5e Dungeon Masters

Stat Trackers Publisher: Top Dog Game Club, LLC. Card Count: 417 Stat Cards Available Formats: Print Print (Publisher) – $60.00 Print (Amazon) – $60.00 I have been playing and running Dungeons and Dragons games for decades. I’m always on the lookout for game aids that are innovative, relevant, and something that I need at the table….