In Support of BLM- A Review of Dissident Whispers

Dissident Whispers Author: Whisper Collective Publisher: Tuesday Knight Games Page Count: 136 Available Formats: PDF & Print PDF (DTRPG) – $20 Print – Prices vary on the collector market Dissident Whispers is a massive anthology of 58 original roleplaying game adventures for ten game systems and system agnostic. All were created by a diverse, international collective…

Uncomfortable Silence in Space — A Review of “Mothership Sci-fi RPG: Player’s Survival Guide”

Mothership Sci-fi RPG: Player’s Survival Guide Author & Illustrator: Sean McCoy Editor: Jarrett Crader Published by: Tuesday Knight Games Page Count: 44 Available Formats: PDF (DTRPG) – PWYW In the cold vacuum of space, teams of profiteers make their livelihoods by exploring and scavenging among stars. Traveling aboard spacecraft mostly in cryosleep while in transit to their next destination….