Peering Through the Hole – The Keyhole of Eternity [Star Trek]

The Keyhole of Eternity Authors: Nathan Dowdell, Sam Webb, Jim Johnson, et al Publisher: Modiphius Page Count: 44 Available Formats: PDF & Print PDF (DTRPG): $11.00 (standalone) / $40.00 (Tricorder Edition PDF Collection) Print/Digital Combo (Tricorder Edition) – $81.97 (US) / $81.97 (UK) The Keyhole of Eternity is a mini-campaign that comes with Modiphius’ Star…

Phasers to Stun! – Star Trek Adventures: Tricorder Collector’s Box Set

Star Trek Adventures: Tricorder Collector’s Box Set Author: Nathan Dowdwell et al. Publisher: Modiphius Page Count: Boxed set, 308 pp. (main book) Available Formats: PDF & Print PDF (DTRPG) – $40.00 Print/Digital Combo (Modiphius US)– $81.97 (currently out of stock) Print/Digital Combo (Modiphius UK)– $81.97 Modiphius’s Star Trek Adventures Tricorder Collector’s Box Set is an alternate core…

Looking Back at FASA’s Star Trek

In the 1980s and early 1990s, I clocked in many hours playing FASA’s Star Trek RPG. I remember pouring over FASA catalogs, giving money to my parents to write me checks for mail-order Star Trek products, and then waiting six to eight weeks for delivery. This article provides an overview of FASA’s Star Trek RPG….

Stardate 1978: A Look at the First Star Trek RPG

Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier Author: Michael J. Scott Publisher: Heritage Models Available Formats: Very out of print Modiphius currently has the license to Star Trek RPGs. They’ve done quite a bit with it, including many sourcebooks, adventures, and a few versions of the core rules (main core rules, Klingon version, original series-focused)….

News Desk: Now Available Star Trek: Strange New World

Once again our friends over at Modipheus are at it again. This time with a new expansion/scenario book for Star Trek Adventures. I know a good number of our readers will be interested in this expansion book. Take a look at the press release below to learn more and show Modiphius and Star Trek some…